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Many people wish to stay in their own home as they age. They love their house and garden, their neighbours and suburb, all the things that are comfortable and familiar. Parkglen Home Care Services supports this very personal choice and provides services that enable and facilitate independent living.   Parkglen Home Care Services are experienced in caring for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s in their home.  Parkglen Home Care Services also provide services in the home for TAC and WorkCover, as well as for any persons with a disability. Whether it’s helping to re-join the workforce or assisting people to achieve their goals and do more of the things they enjoy, Parkglen Home Care Services can provide the specific services they need.

Every client is unique so Parkglen Home Care Services provides a high quality personalised service tailored to the needs of each individual. Care staff are dedicated and passionate about their role in helping clients remain independent and regularly go above and beyond to ensure they feel supported physically and emotionally. From the start, a Services Facilitator is appointed, who will work with each client to create an individually tailored package of services to suit their care needs and budget. For total peace of mind, all care staff are qualified and police checked and will never just turn up at your door without being introduced first by an appointed Services Facilitator.

Parkglen Home Care Services have the simple daily tasks covered. Showering, dressing, shopping, gardening, cooking and cleaning are all part of daily home care support.  From social outings to visits to health specialists, medication management to more intensive nursing care and palliative care, a Services Facilitator will assure the help needed will support at every step of the way.

As care needs change, all services can be adapted as required.  Services can be covered by Commonwealth funded Home Care Packages, privately funded or other Government bodies such as TAC, WorkSafe and all services are based on consumer directed care.

With Parkglen Home Care Services, living confidently in the home is made possible with services aimed at enriching lives to make them enjoyable for everyone.



Give us a call on 9798 1633 or fill out the form below, you’ll be surprised how affordable our services are.


What our clients say:

“The service has assisted me to live my day to day life with high quality support. It provides me with extremely caring and supportive staff who exceedingly meet my needs.”

Receiving Parkglen Home Care Services Anonymous, October 2016


““I am very pleased with the service I am getting, Viola is a lovely lady and knows what needs to be done without asking. Thank you all for your care and understanding.”

Receiving Parkglen Home Care Services Anonymous, August 2016


“Dear Kelley, Many thanks for my new plan. My new domestic care worker Tammie did a great job with cleaning and shopping. Her cleaning was very thorough and she did areas that had not been cleaned before.  I made a descriptive shopping list and was very pleased. She purchased from my list the items that were on special along with the basic items. I look forward to seeing her on Wednesdays to continue her good work.”

Receiving Parkglen Home Care Services. By ‘JB’, August 2016


““Thuy is a brilliant worker – a perfect cleaner and happy to have her any time.”

Receiving Parkglen Home Care Services. By ‘Mr & Mrs B’, July 2016


“To Kerrie, I am a Carer Support Worker for Public Health Carer Services and found out about your service through a carer who has a home care package with you, as does his wife I just wanted to say first and foremost how much the carer has gained from your input – he is consistently impressed by your honesty and integrity when working with him and feels very well supported by your case manager (Kelley) and you. From my perspective, hearing his feedback coupled with seeing how flexible, creative and consumer-directed your involvement has been I just had to let you know how amazing I think your organisation is. I have worked in this industry for the past year and dealt with many service providers all claiming to be consumer directed. Whilst they all provide a level of care I have never worked with one that has worked so closely with a client to come up with a solution that truly benefits them. Many thanks for all your help with this client and I will certainly be referring my colleagues and other clients your way!”

Public Health Carer Services, January 2016


If you would like more information on either our funded or self funded in home care packages,
please contact our Care Facilitator on 03 9798 1633.

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Home Care Packages Melbourne

Funded by the Commonwealth Government, Home Care Packages in Melbourne are programs that are specifically intended to support elder people who wish to remain living at home independently.

Home Care Packages in Melbourne

The Home Care Packages here at Parkglen Home Care Services can be totally customised and are based on Consumer Directed Care. This means that you’ll have the power to choose what services and support you need that will enable you to remain living independently at home. This will all be done in consultation with your Care Facilitator of course.

To get the support and services that you specifically need, you can choose to get help with gardening, showering, cleaning, shopping, cooking, transport, medication management, and companionship when attending appointments etc.

Our goal is to ensure that you have all of the help and support that you need so our home care packages are totally customisable and can be tweaked and changed around whenever you need to avail of/drop certain aspects of support.

We believe that every person is individual, so our care packages should be totally flexible to cater for a broad spectrum of different support services.

The people of Melbourne have come to know us for our amazing team of staff who offer a supportive hand and a friendly smile to all of our customers. Teamwork is at the core of what we do, and our team is made up of self-motivated individuals who are truly passionate about working with people.

With that said, you can be sure that your Melbourne Home Care Facilitator will have all of the qualities that are needed to do such a job. He/she will be experienced, professional, trustworthy, reliable, supportive, committed and will do his/her work with a smile. We choose our team members wisely, and having an ability to smile is just one criterion that needs to be met.

Parkglen Home Care Services offers Home Care Packages in all of these local areas:

  • City of Port Phillip
  • City of Bayside
  • City of Glen Eira
  • City of Stonington
  • City of Greater Dandenong
  • City of Kingston
  • Shire of Mornington Peninsula
  • City of Frankston
  • City of Casey
  • Shire of Cardinia

The first thing you’ll need to get when applying for a Government Assisted Home Care Package is an ACAS Assessment. If you need more information on what an ACAS Assessment is, the application process and what you can expect to receive should you be eligible, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

We’ll talk you through the assessment and what steps you need to take to find out if you’re eligible.

You can call one of our helpful Parkglen Home Care Services Facilitators in Melbourne on (03) 9798 1633 now or you can send us an enquiry via this contact form.

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